What to Expect on Your Templating Day

Get ready for a smooth and precise templating process by understanding what to expect on the day. Here’s a breakdown of what will happen:

Confirmation Questionnaire

Prior to templating, we will send you a questionnaire to confirm that your kitchen is prepared for the templating process. This includes necessary requirements such as having your sink and hob onsite and ensuring that no workmen, children, or pets are present in the kitchen during templating. These measures are necessary to maintain accuracy in our laser measurements.

How to your template my kitchen for quartz worktops
How to your template my kitchen for quartz worktops

No Specific Arrival Time

We strive to be flexible and deliver exceptional service to our clients. Therefore, we provide you with a templating date without specifying an exact arrival time. We usually template more than one kitchen on any given day and as each kitchen is unique, the time required for templating varies. As does the distance we travel between locations, traffic issues and a lot of other variables. However, if desired, we can arrange a courtesy call one hour before our Templator arrives. Simply speak to our Sales Team to coordinate this.

Decision Maker

Having a decision maker present ensures we have all the necessary details for precise templating. The person onsite must be confident to provide accurate information about the location of your sink and hob, as well as discuss overhangs and heights of upstands.

Laser Templating System

At our company, we utilise the state-of-the-art LT3 Raptor laser, which is the leading digital templating system globally. With this advanced technology, we ensure highly accurate measurements and precise fabrication of your worktops.

Alterations and Instructions

During the templating process, our experienced templator may provide instructions regarding alterations that need to be made to your sink unit, hob unit, or kitchen level. Please note that these requests are completely normal and are aimed at ensuring a seamless and successful installation of your worktops.

Digital Measurement with Laser Template

An award-winning laser template will be used to capture highly accurate digital measurements of your kitchen. This digital file will then be compatible with our manufacturing machinery, ensuring precise fabrication of your worktops.

Sign-Off on Drawings

At the end of the templating process, our templator will present you with the templated measurements and ask you to sign off on the drawings. This step ensures that you are satisfied and in agreement with the measurements

What happens when we template your kitchen?
How to your template my kitchen for quartz worktops

Any Questions?

By following these steps and working together, we can ensure that your worktop installation goes smoothly and meets your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.