What is Sensa Granite?

Sensa Granite is a specially selected range of natural stone from Cosentino. It has been treated with a high level protection called SenGuard that makes it highly resistant to Stains.  Sensa Granite has it’s own 15 year warranty making it a fantastic, long lasting choice for your kitchen.

SenGuard is a proprietary stone treatment that is used to protect Sensa Granite from staining. SenGuard is not a sealer and bonds to the granite surface. The SenGuard treatment will allow your stone to breathe by anchoring to the stone lattice while preserving the stone’s natural, beautiful colour for years to come.

Unique Designs by Nature
Unique Designs By Nature
No special Maintenance
Maintenance Free Stone
Certified for food contact
Food Contact Certified
Stain Resistant
100% Stain Protection with SenGuard
Unique Waranty from Cosentino
15-Year Warranty from Cosentino