What to Expect on Your Installation Day

Are you excited about having your new kitchen worktops installed? Installation day is an important milestone in the process of transforming your kitchen. To ensure a smooth and successful installation, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Let us walk you through what to expect on installation day.

Confirmation Questionnaire

Prior to installation, just like with templating, we will send you a short questionnaire to make sure you are fully prepared for the installation process. This will help us ensure that everything is in order and ready to go on the scheduled day.

Van and Trailer from The Beauty of Marble Limited

No Specific Arrival Time

We strive to be flexible and deliver exceptional service to our clients. Therefore, we provide you with an installation date without specifying an exact arrival time. We usually install more than one kitchen on any given day and as each kitchen is unique, the time required for installation varies. As does the distance we travel between locations, traffic issues and a lot of other variables. However, if desired, we can arrange a courtesy call one hour before our Installers are due to arrive. Simply speak to our Sales Team to coordinate this.

Decision Maker

One of the most crucial requirements for installation day is to have someone present at the site throughout the day. This person will provide access to the installation team and also sign off on the completion of the installation. Having someone onsite ensures that any questions or concerns can be addressed promptly, and the installation can proceed smoothly.

Health & Safety on the day

While we are experts in handling heavy stone and work diligently to ensure a safe installation, it is important to keep all pets and children away from the access points. Distractions or tripping hazards can pose a significant risk during the installation process. By keeping these areas clear, you are helping us create a safe working environment for our team.

Additionally, please ensure that there is adequate lighting and electricity available onsite. This is essential for our installers to carry out their work effectively. If you anticipate any issues with lighting or electricity, please inform our sales team as soon as possible. We can work together to find a suitable solution.


On the day of installation, our team will arrive and take a moment to familiarise themselves with your kitchen and the specific working area. They will confirm the access points and the locations of your sink and hob. If there are any additional details or considerations that need to be taken into account, they may ask for clarification at this stage. Once they are satisfied with the information, they will proceed with the installation.

Our installers will handle each piece of your worktop with care, ensuring that it is carried in safely and placed in the correct position. They have the expertise and experience to handle the heavy stone materials effectively. Once all the worktop pieces are in place, they will focus on ensuring that overhangs are correctly positioned and aligned.

Our Signature Seam

As you will know, we install all our worktops with Our Signature Seam. This unique Seam is created using special glues and a Seam Setter. The glue has a strong smell, so our team will open windows to air out as they work. The work on the join is highly precise and time-sensitive. We ask that you do not distract our installers while they are working. They must work fast and be distraction-free. It is also incredibly important that you do not touch the join while it is curing. Any disturbance could result in a failed join.

Sign-Off on Installation

Once they have completed their job and cleaned up, they will ask you to inspect the worktops and confirm that you are happy with the work. Once this takes place, they have some paperwork to sign off and confirm that the job has been completed.

Any Questions?

Here are some additional things to keep in mind on installation day:

* Please provide access to the kitchen area and any other areas that will be affected by the installation.

* Remove any appliances or furniture that may be in the way.

* Clear a path from the front door to the kitchen area.

* Provide a safe place for our installers to park their van or trailer. They need the journey from the vehicle to the kitchen to be as short as possible and will be making regular trips back and forth for tools and materials.

If you have any questions regarding your installation day please call our showroom directly and our Sales Team will be happy to assist.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to helping you create a beautiful new kitchen!