How to Measure my Kitchen for Worktops

When it comes to buying a new kitchen or upgrading your existing kitchen with stone worktops, the most important question we will ask you is the measurements and layout of you kitchen. To ensure you receive an accurate quote follow these simple steps for measuring your kitchen.

  • Before you start measuring, clear your worktops and remove any appliances or items that might obstruct the process. This will provide a clear workspace and accurate measurements.
  • Draw a simple layout of your kitchen.
  • Using a tape measure, measure the length of each section of your worktops from one corner to the next along the wall. Write these measurements down on your layout drawing.
  • Measure the depth of your worktops from the front edge to the back wall. Write down the measurements on your layout drawing.
  • Indicate on your layout drawing where your sink and hob are located.
How do I measure my kitchen for worktops

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